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The building of Roosevelt Hall was completed in 1907 and the Army wasted no time to begin educating the first class in the new structure there on what was Greenleaf Point.  It was then named Washington Barracks. The first graduating class included nearly thirty officers selected from the US Army, Yet one officer was from the US Marine Corps who would later rise to become the Commandant of the US Marine Corps.

The photo below is of those officers and the military units they came from.


Army War College - Class of 1909 - 1910

Army War College – Class of 1909 – 1910


NOTE: The persons are numbered – from 01 to 21 are standing and from 22 to 30 are seated in the photo.

They are:

  1. LTC John A, Lejeune,  US Marine Corps
  2. CPT Edwin Landon, USA Coast Artillery Corps
  3. MAJ Carl Reichman, USA 24th Infantry
  4. CPT Eli A. Helmick, USA 10th Infantry
  5. MAJ Guy Carlton, General Staff, Director, Army War College
  6. MAJ George L. Irwin, USA 3rd Field Artillery
  7. CPT Malin Craig, USA General Staff
  8. CPT William K. Naylor, USA 9th Infantry
  9. CPT Alexander F. Dade, USA 9th Cavalry
  10. CPT Edwin O. Sarratt, USA Coast Artillery Corps
  11. MAJ Daniel E. Houghton, USA General Staff
  12. CPT Sherwood A Cheney, USA Corps of Engineers
  13. MAJ William A. Brown, USA 3rd Cavalry
  14. CPT George H. Jameson, USA 29th Infantry
  15. LTC D. A. Frederick, USA General Staff, Director Army War College
  16. CPT Fox Conner, USA General Staff
  17. CPT Frank S. Cocheu, USA General Staff
  18. CPT Gilbert A. Youngberg, USA Corps of Engineers
  19. MAJ Godfrey H. MacDonald, USA 13th Cavalry
  20. MAJ David J. Baker,Jr, USA 11th Infantry
  21. CPT Joseph D. Leitch, USA General Staff
  22. MAJ Charles L. Beckurts, USA 5th Infantry
  23. LTC John T. Knight, USA Quartermaster Department
  24. MAJ Robert A. Brown, USA 4th Cavalry
  25. MAJ Eben Swift, USA General Staff
  26. BG William Wallace Witherspoon, President Army War College
  27. LTC Lyman W. V. Kennon, USA 14th Infantry
  28. LTC Hunter Liggett, USA 15th Infantry
  29. LTC Charles M. O’Connor, USA 6th Cavalry
  30. LTC John C. F. Tillson, USA 18th Infantry


Distinguished in their accomplishment, their graduation marked a turning point in the way that the US Army and eventually the US military would be provided more training and insight. The Army War College would remain located on what became Fort Lesley J. McNair until 1946 when the National War College was established and located in Roosevelt Hall.

Today the Army War College is located at Carlisle Barracks, another historic US Army installation in the state of Pennsylvania.  They took Freddy –  the statue of Frederick the Great with them and he’s located near the Hessian Powder Magazine building on post.



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