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Over 200 historical photographs chronicle the history of this historic US Army Post.  They are augmented with clear textual description.  Learn about this third oldest post – its origins date back to 1791 when Major Pierre L’Enfant laid out the new Capital City of Washington, DC.  Currently the home of the Military District of Washington, The Center of Military History, The Dwight D Eisenhower School, The National War College and The National Defense University.   Learn about the challenge for the Lincoln Assassination conspirators…  the home of the Army Corps of Engineers School and Band. While it was Washington Barracks, it was also home to the US Army Band – “Pershing’s Own”   All this and more …


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Also by John Michael

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Images of America - Fort Myer

Images of America
Fort Myer

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Boundary Stones – There were Forty of Them

Few People realize that surrounding Washington DC are boundary stones that mark the perimeter of the Capital City. The first stone was placed in Alexandria, Virginia at Jones Point Lighthouse in the Potomac River.

The Banneker and Ellicott Team

The boundaries of the new Capital City were marked by forty (40) boundary stones placed by Major Andrew Ellicott, his two brothers Joseph and Benjamin Ellicott among others, one of those being Benjamin Banneker.  Banneker, who was a mathematician and astronomer, placed the first stone at what is Jones Point Lighthouse in Alexandria, Virginia.


boundary stones


Back in 1791 and 1792, Andrew Ellicott and friends went around the 10-mile square of the planned City of Washington and placed a boundary stone every mile of the perimeter.  The stones had four sides – facing inward towards DC (which read “Jurisdiction of the United States” and a mile number, facing outward (which showed the name of the bordering state, either Maryland or Virginia), and the other sides showed the year the stone was placed and the compass variance at that point.

Interestingly, the stones are the oldest federal monuments in the country, and they are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Many of the forty stones remain in their original places, including the ones that now mark the boundary of Arlington County, Virginia (once known as Alexandria County, Virginia).

With this perimeter in place, Major Pierre Charles L’Enfant began to lay out the new Capital City of Washington, DC with a concentration on the Maryland side of the Potomac River.   His design was based upon his knowledge of European cities such as Paris where he studied before coming to the aid of the thirteen colonies during the American Revolutionary War.  He was George Washington’s engineer during that conflict. He drew a map defining the city and the federal reservations – one of which,  Reservation #05 initially of 28 acres would evolve into Fort Lesley J. McNair (after being known as Washington Arsenal, Washington Barracks, Army War College [The Army War College relocated to Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania after WW II] and Fort Humphreys)


washington defenses 1798

After all the name changes the peninsula of acres has had since 1791 a name was finally settled upon, It would be after WW II, to honor the commander of the ground forces in Europe,  LTG Lesley J McNair that the acres would get a name that has lasted until present day.  It’s where the National Defense University with the iconic Roosevelt Hall designed by McKim, Mead and White the architects of the era, the Military District of Washington and The US Army’s Center of Military History are currently headquartered.  (The US Army Band – “Pershing’s Own” and Alpha Company of The 3d Infantry – “The Old Guard”  also once was stationed here)

The District of Columbia Loses Virginia

When the new Capital City was first proposed, both the states of Maryland and Virginia contributed land for a total of 100 square miles.  In 1846, the area of 31 square miles (80 km2) which was ceded by Virginia was returned, leaving 69 square miles (179 km2) of territory originally ceded by Maryland as the current area of the District in its entirety.  The retrocession was due to an issue that Virginia had with the use of its contribution.


boundary stone perimeter of Washington DC

The original contributions of Maryland (yellow) and Virginia (red) to the District of Columbia in the 1790s



A Great Foundation Deserves a Great Book

By John Michael  //  National Defense University  //  No Comments
marshall hall of national defense university

Marshall Hall of National Defense University

Breaking News…

National Defense University Foundation Gift Shop06 October 2016 – As of this date Images of America – Fort Lesley J. McNair is now available in Marshall Hall of the National Defense University located on Fort Lesley J. McNair.   Copies of the book which chronicles the history of the third oldest US Army post are available in the gift shop.  They are autographed by the author, John Michael, and sales benefit the National Defense University Foundation.

Images, Photographs, and Maps

The book contains over 200 images that provide insight about the military installation since its founding in 1791.  Over time it’s been an arsenal providing the ordnance for the Civil War, the site of the first federal penitentiary and where the Lincoln assassination conspirators were incarcerated, tried, and hanged.  The Army Corps of Engineers school was here while a major building effort provided the iconic Roosevelt Hall – designed by the architects McKim, Mead and White and other now historic buildings: Officers’ Club and quarters, barracks, stables, hospital, clinic …  stays by the US Army Band and the Music School.


National Defense University Foundation Gift Shop


More About Fort Lesley J. McNair

For several years Major Walter Reed practiced medicine and determined that the mosquito was the reason for  Yellow Fever while among these acres.  Up until the beginning of WW II, the Army War College occupied Roosevelt Hall until being relocated to Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania.  The post also is the headquarters of the Military District of Washington. The US Army’s Center of Military History has called Fort McNair home since the 1990s.  The 3d Infantry – the Old Guard’s Alpha Company – also known as the Commander in Chief’s Guard – was garrisoned in the barracks on the post.


Images of America - Fort Lesley J. McNair

Images of America – Fort Lesley J. McNair

An  Author Autographed copy of the book is available for purchase directly from the author, John Michael.  Buy the Book


BOOK REVIEW – On Point Magazine


On Point Magazine: The Journal of Army History has been published as the Foundation’s quarterly journal since 1995. In addition to publishing various articles and  book reviews on U.S. Army history, On Point also provides information on the Foundation’s activities, including the status of the National Museum of the U.S. Army. On Point is provided to all AHF members. In the Summer 2016 issue of this outstanding and award-winning journal it was an honor to have  a book review of”Images of America – Fort Lesley J. McNair”.    The review speaks for itself .   Thank you,  Dr. Alice A Booher!

In the Summer 2016 issue of this outstanding and award-winning journal it was an honor to have  a book review of”Images of America – Fort Lesley J. McNair”.    The review speaks for itself .   Thank you,  Dr. Alice A Booher!



On Point Magazine – Book Review



About Fort Lesley J McNair

Established in `1791 as reservation #05 when Charles Pierre L’Enfant laid out the new Capital City, it has been defending the city of Washington DC since.  It is the third oldest US Army Post in continuous operation where the Military District of Washington (MDW), National Defense University (NDU) and several of its colleges  and the US Army Center of Military History (CMH) call home.


A PDF version of the On Point Magazine review is available for download – Fort McNair Book Review



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The foundation was established in 1983 with the purpose of promoting the history of the US Army and ultimately build the National Museum of the US Army.  That latter purpose is finally becoming a reality.  The museum will be located in Fairfax County, Virginia at Fort Belvoir … an easy access from Interstate 95.


Book Signing – Meet the Author

MEET THE AUTHOR – John Michael

Barnes & Noble – Potomac Yards – Alexandria VA


SATURDAY –  03 OCT 2015 from 2PM until 4PM


Barnes & Noble Potomac Yards Alexandria, VA

Barnes & Noble
Potomac Yards
Alexandria, VA

A special opportunity to meet the author, John Michael, who has written two books,

Image of America – Fort Myer – released on 13 JUN 2011


Images of America – Fort Lesley J. McNair – released on 04 MAY 2015

read more


Where Lincoln Walked – in Richmond

By John Michael  //  Washington Arsenal  //  No Comments

Rocketts Wharf – Where Lincoln Walked…

Rocketts Wharf Richmond

Rocketts Wharf

#historicfortmcnair — It is rather serendipitous that the cover of the book shows Washington Arsenal after the Civil War. – “Images of America – Fort Lesley J. McNair” contains a row of artillery – Confederate artillery – Napoleons which were captured from the arsenal in Richmond.  Their journey began  at Rocketts Wharf they were brought for shipment.  The same place where President Abraham Lincoln disembarked and walked to the Confederate White House.

It is actually close to 2 miles away. The State Capitol is about 5 blocks above the river, (the Confederate White House a few more blocks north), but that point is at the falls of the James, which is not navigable. That is why Lincoln had to disembark and go ashore downriver from the Capitol, and walk through town. He had come up the James River from City Point near present-day Hopewell, where the Union troops were based.

The photo taken in May 1865, shows the assembled cache of captured ordnance that was  destined to end up at Washington Arsenal and on the cover of the book…

“Images of America – Fort Lesley J. McNair” contains over 200 historical and contemporary photographs which highlight some of the people and events of this historical US Army Post. It is the site of the incarceration, trial and hanging of the Lincoln assassination conspirators. Familiar names such as Walter Reed, Theodore Roosevelt along with Abraham Lincoln walked among the acres which has become an Army post in tribute to one of the highest ranking officers killed in action during World War II.  Current home to the headquarters of the Military District of Washington, the post is also shared by National Defense University along with several of its colleges.   The US Army’s Center for Military History also occupies one of the historic buildings on post which originally was the quartermaster stables then the post exchange… perhaps a good place to “horse around” … don’cha think?


The book, Images of America – Fort Lesley J. McNair contains over two hundred historical photographs, images and illustrations which chronicle the two hundred plus years of history among the acres of this US Army Post.

The book “Images of America – Fort Lesley J McNair”  is “a walk down memory lane” as one reader called it after he turned the last page.  Go beyond

Images of America - Fort Lesley J. McNair

Images of America – Fort Lesley J. McNair

the website and read more of the history with your own copy – BUY THE BOOK offers the opportunity to get either a personalized & autographed copy from the author or purchase the book from one of the major resellers.











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